Female Escape Artist Training for the Underwater Chain Straitjacket Escape a Houdini Like Escape [18+]

By: Alexanderiathegreat


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Female escape artist, Alexanderia the Great http://www.youtube.com/Alexanderiathegreat, escape training for a Houdini like underwater escape involving a Chain Straitjacket bound with added chains and shackles. Done in open water, this maybe more dangerous than the Water Torture Cell. With no safety team she either escapes or drowns. The Chain Straitjacket, unlike most straitjackets, is made solid steel chain link and cannot be broken. There are no tricks here like a David Blaine, Criss Angel or some magican or illusionist's. This is real. Alex needs to either get out or she will drown. In this escape attempt, Alex first puts on a 15 lbs lead weight belt which drags her down to the bottom of the pool. Next we shackle her feet to make it more difficult to get to the surface. We then add the chain straitjacket. To put on the chain straitjacket, each wrist is locked tightly in place by a Masterlock padlock. After the wrist is locked into place the remaining chain is then wrapped around her body, around her neck , through her legs and back around the other side of her neck. It is then locked down tight with another Masterlock padlock. After doing this with each wrist, her arms are wrapped securely around her body and movement, like a strait jacket is very difficult. Lastly to make it even tougher to escape, Alex has me add an additional 25 feet of chain that is wrapped around her arms, across her body and then fed through her legs and chained around her neck. After all this she is barely able to move. All totaled she has 8 Masterlock padlocks and 75 lbs of chains and lead weight which weigh her down. How will Alex break free of the chains and shackles and get to the surface to avoid drowning? Watch and see as she trains to do her most difficult escape yet. Hold your breath to see how you would do if you were tied up like her? See more training videos and look for info on her upcoming World Escape Artist Relay (WEAR) at her youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/Alexanderiathegreat

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