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FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: USTREAM: SKYPE: 'PokeCollection' - Add us as a contact, and you'll have an opportunity to talk to us live on air, during live shows! BUY IN BULK: I have many cards available from a variety of sets, old school and new! I work to YOUR budgets, so you get better deals than you ever would on ebay. Very competitive with prices, just so I can give PokeTubers the best, and safest options. Keen? Flick me over an email, and I'll get back to you! ------------------------------------------------- THIS UPLOAD IS PROUDLY AFFILIATED WITH, AND SPONSORED BY BANTER TOYS & COLLECTIBLES: Australasia's official, leading distributor of trading cards and collectibles! ------------------------------------------------- With thanks to Magna Home Entertainment, we can exclusively give you a FIRST LOOK at "POKEMON THE MOVIE: BLACK" and "POKEMON THE MOVIE: WHITE" on DVD! We are lucky enough to be the among the first people in the world to own these, and we've been told that we're the first ones to actually have the WHITE version too! Who would've thought? Thank you, Magna Home Entertainment, for supporting our channel and peripherals and for providing a plethora of giveaways for our lucky viewers! We'll soon have more pre-release copies of both BLACK and WHITE versions to give away in the near future, so stick around for further details on these in due course. POKEMON THE MOVIE: BLACK" and "POKEMON THE MOVIE: WHITE" will be available in Region 4 on March 7th in Australia, and March 21st in New Zealand! Be sure to grab yourselves a copy of each from your nearest and dedicated DVD retailer ;)
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