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The NEW redesigned Magic Spinbee is here and now it's better than ever.
It flies, it spines and now it even lights up!
Makes a Great original gift for a Magic enthusiastic.
Now you can perform it in the dark!
In the New Spinbee kit you will get a small disc that comes with three miniature lights controlled by a smart cheep. These lights create beautiful patterns as it spines and flies in the air.

Who can do it?
Spinbee was design for kids and adults. It's more like a "yo-yo", you need to give it a bit of practice but once you do it you will start inventing your own "moves". We have seen kids 6 years old performing this trick. A big part of the educational value of magic is in the practice and commitment; "To play the piano you have to practice, to shoot a ball to a basket you have to practice. Same goes with magic!"

What objects I can "make float"?
You will learn how to make a card, coin, credit card, bills and basically any light object float in the air.

What else?
Using the same principle, you will learn from the included instructions how to perform 12 more tricks with the spinbee. It's not just making objects float!
We included in the instructions some great tricks that involve what's known as "telekinesis" (moving objects without touching them).
Imagine sitting in a restaurant zipping from your soda drink, suddenly you make the straw jump out of the glass.
Make a pen or a pencil roll on the table (no blowing involved).
Make a ring climb up a pencil just holding the pencil from it's end.
The rising card trick. This is a great magic classic; let a spectator choose a card and put it back in the middle of the deck, hold the deck or leave it on the table and the chosen card starts rising from the middle of the deck!
Once you get the principle you will be able to apply it to many other day to day scenarios.
Comes with full illustrated instructions in English and Spanish.

Imagine making any light object float in the air. No camera tricks it's for real.
With spinbee you will learn the secret to one of the most incredible illusions of all times; how to make objects float in the air.

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