BLEACH-Hit The Floor (Bullet For My Valentine)

By: kyohakune


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My first AMV ever!! i think i did pretty well so comment and rate i worked real hard so yeah support me!!

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Holy crap this video got more than I expected thanks for all the support guys. Yeah I did make another one and it's on my friend solarfyre's account i'm gonna upload it here soon so check!! (worth dying for- naruto AMV i helped make it for a'lover' [pun intended] @_@ DOOM.)
Yeah so sorry i haven't been on for a while XD some things have come up.

....urk i didnt notice how many there were like mine... oh well mines WAYY better
ehhheh ok not really ^o^;
I still did a great job for starters!!

Song-Hit The Floor
Artist-Bullet For My Valentine
Purely fan made
Not affiliated with the anime company or the recording company for the song and anime

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