What Happens If You Cross the Line at Area 51

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Please watch my newest Area 51 video, where I visit one of the main entrance to Area 51 on my dirtbike, and...
Please watch my newest Area 51 video, where I visit one of the main entrance to Area 51 on my dirtbike, and the cammo dudes persue me for over an hour! *******www.youtube****/watch?v=zX9s9xxR_nI DON'T BE STUPID! DO NOT PASS THE SIGNS! The vehicle that crossed is the white Dodge Magnum. The driver is the guy in the black leather jacket, beanie and gloves. FYI - I have been to the signs 8 times. Never ever had a problem, but I never came close to crossing that line. Only time they scared me was when I showed up at the signs on my dirtbike. They followed and watched me for about an hour after that, all the way back to the ET Highway. This is info from www.dreamlandresort****: In the past there have been different charges brought against border crosses. Not sure, but it may depend on the attitude of the crosser and the attitude of the cammos or the sheriff. Some have been jailed and had to be bailed out. Some have had their vehicle towed and had to pay tow charges. One has been charged with felony trespass. He chose not to show up for his court date and was found guilty. His bail was forfeited in the amount of the fine. A year later he tried to renew his passport and was refused on the grounds that he was a convicted felon. You also lose the right to vote. These rights can be returned to you thru a pretty convoluted court procedure where a judge makes the decision. This is not a guarantee. You may want to consider if you apply for a job, and they require a police report, some employers may not want to hire a convicted felon. I know this person and he is the kind of guy that says as a taxpayer he should be allowed in. I am sure that his aggressive attitude didn't help his situation. This is just an example of what they can do if they want to. It's their land and they make the rules on their side of the border.