Zumiez Best Foot Forward Houston 2012

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*******zumiezbestfootforward**** When the Zumiez Best Foot Forward crew rolled up to the Couch Tour in this...
*******zumiezbestfootforward**** When the Zumiez Best Foot Forward crew rolled up to the Couch Tour in this heatwave of a Houston summer, the mood was one of expectant hurricanes. Like the calm before the storm, the preliminary rounds in the comp shaped up to give the onlookers just a little taste of the tidal waves of madness that were about to engulf the parking lot here at the Katy Mills Mall. Ripping and shredding their way into the invitational round were qualifiers Cory Muller, Gerarrdo Guzman, the pint-sized powerhouse Cory Williams, Omar Vargas and Malcom Duger. In addition to these five hopefuls was the high-flying action of masonite masters Dante Medina and Hollywood Martinez. The Best Foot Forward finals came down to five individuals who were ready to shred with aggression and the prowess of a pack of mad hyenas. Drake Flores, Jonathan Bastien, George Karvounis, Taylor Jet and Ben Havran were the men up to the task. Houston's Zumiez Destroyer Award went to Ben Havran. Ben's full-force flails and magnificent multitude of monstrous mayhem was recognized by the Best Foot Forward judges as unparalleled. Winning Transworld's Best Trick carnage and taking home a big bite of the glory was Taylor Jet. With a hardflip backlip getting stomped in the nick of time during the best trick mayhem, Taylor killed all in his path. Mister Jet and his cross-continental, high-speed antics earned him not only the Best Trick honors, but a spot in the winners circle. With the second place honors going to Taylor Jet, that leaves third place up for grabs. George Karvounis stepped up to the task with mean tricks down the double set and easy-does-it front blunts on the bump-to-ledge. Without a doubt, the man to watch all day was none other than Jonathan Bastien. Bastien killed switch 270 lipslides and switch noseblunts down the handrail with authority. The Best Foot Forward contest kept the heat rocked to a sweltering 110 degrees. When the contest officially closed its doors, another champ was in the bag and the Finals in Minnesota are shaping up to be a true super-storm of mayhem. *******zumiez****