Systema VFC HK416 Full Trades - Uber Cool

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This is my HK416 Build it is loaded with the best of everything that was avalible at the time I built it (E...
This is my HK416 Build it is loaded with the best of everything that was avalible at the time I built it (Early 08). Only 1000(+,-) rounds been through it. I know I suck at video-ing but let me slide just this once. : ) This may go on eBay or Craigslist here in Dallas or many airrsoft fourms for sale, have many pics on the net of it since the build. Next build will be a Magpul MASADA, Multicam Coated With Systema Revolution internals just for starters. Here is some specs on what all is here. Externals: VFC HK416D Super DX (Serial# 88-002396): HK416D full CNC aluminum Full HK trademarks 14.5 and 10 inch inner and outer barrels HK416 Trademarked stock VFC AN/PEQ Battery box VFC HK Fully marked HK416 300 round Hi-cap mag Accessories: 2 Aimpoint CompM2 Clones (Cantileaver and QD mounts) GG&G EOTech Lens Covers (buddy is fabricating transparent covers for my GG&G covers to protect EOTechs durring skirmishes) Madbull Gemtech Halo Suppressor (Serial# 00275) Madbull Noveske KX-3 (Serial# 00177) Hero Arms M4 C-Mag modified to fit HK416 magwell (not seen?) 2x MAG HK416 trades (mid-caps) G&P Tracer Mag Hurricane HK417 Stock Hurricane HK416 16 inch outer barrel Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard (Real Steel not PTS version) Surefire M910A Clone (Tactical Light/ Vert grip) LXGD Green Daylight Visable Laser 9.6v NiMH 4200 MAh Custom Hurricane 417 Stock Battery pack via Onlybatterypacks**** Mecha-Box & Internals: Guarder SP 130 Spring (Oil Temper Wire) Phoenix High Protection Gears (High Power Gears Set [Limited Edition Set]) Prometheus 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (300mm) Systema Complete MECHA-BOX 7mm Systema Advance Hop Up Systema Hop Up bucking Systema Magnum Motor (Long Type) Systema Spring Guide w/ Bearings Systema AREA 1000 Duracon Piston Head w/ Bearings Systema TN Coated Piston Systema Anti-Reverse Latch Systema M4 Wiring (To Rear) Systema Cut Off Lever I have put over $2k USD into this and have never even used it in a game... just plinking and display of what can be done. IF you would like to purchas give me a HOLLA!! LOL Thanks for looking