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By: FirstOfTheRising


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Q. What is RsBot?
A. RsBot is an application that will open and run Runescape in its own window, giving you access to all of the supplied settings and functions. It is used for "Power-leveling", etc., and is a great way to make A TON of gold.

This is my demonstration of the RsBot. I got my new runescape account that I made three days ago to level 60 woodcutting in just under five minutes.

The RsBot can be downloaded from . Make sure that you register, so that you are able to view the forums and download scripts. After all, scripts are the base of running the whole application!

I do not own Runescape or RsBot.
Runescape is a copyright of Jagex Ltd. 1999-2009.
RsBot is a copyright of

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