Transgendered High Priestess Amazing Grace.

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Transgendered High Priestess Amazing Grace. You Know In The End We All Have To Go Home. Back To Our Maker. Mine Is The God and Goddess. Back To Knossos and Where They Cross In The Labryinth. And When I Stand On That Holy Ground I Feel The Whole Universe Pass Through Me In An Instant. All of Time, All The Struggles All The Pain and most of All All The Love. I Don't Think You Can Earn Your Way Into Heaven, Too Many Earthly Temptations, It Is Only By Devine Intervention. So To Where My Mother and father Cross, God and Goddess Intervine For Me and Stand Before Grace. A Man and A Woman. Holy Ground. Agia Triada. Place My Earthly Remains in The Sarcophacus at Agia Triada So That I Can Go Home. Back To Atlantis. Back To Nature. A Holy Place. Home. Between The Labrys and The Bull and Where They Cross. Amazing Grace. May Grace Lead You Home.

The Transgendered High Priestess of Knosos.
And May I Help Those Lost Find Their Way Home Too.

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