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J777 FOF (foliar organic fertilizer) is formulated and manufactured by JOHN 777 INC .

No other products comes close to the effects produced by J777 FOF.

What is unique about J777 FOF is its ability not only to tremendously increase yields from 33% to high of more than 100% (double yields).

This is achieved at a very low added cost of less than 5% of the total expenditure or input.

J777 FOF has multiple beneficial effects to crops from rice, corn, sugarcane, vegetables, to different types of fruit trees, garden flowers and lawn grasses and even in prawn and fish ponds.

Farms using J777 FOF as an add-on have experienced 500 to 2,000% in Return of Investment (ROI).

This compare to industry average ratio of net profit against total input cost of less than 50% ROI.

An average total cost of inputs per hectare of different crops range from US$ 600.00 to US$ 1,400.00.

Incorporating 3 to 5 gallons J777 FOF per hectare in one whole season (from start of finish), with a retail price of only US$ 12.00/gal, cost only between US$36.00 to US$ 60.00 per hectare which is exceptionally economical.

Aside from enormous yield increases, users of J777 FOF have reported others astonishing beneficial effects as follow:
- Returned of soil ph level from a low and dire of 3.8 acidic to a normal 6.5. (HACIENDA BAGTIC- Silay, Negros-Sugarcane).
- Minimize usage or even total elimination of poisonous killers like chemical insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and other negative harmful chemicals. (Jubilee Institutes Pilot farm in Argao, Cebu-rice-ZERO chemical killers usage).
- Eliminate bitter after-taste of lettuces during dry humid season. (Doles veggies farm-Bukidnon-Dr Edwin Balaki).
- 110% increase in Asparagus (Bukidnon Highland Produce, Inc)
- Revived dying grapes vines (Mayor Emiterio Luiss Fruit Farm-Damulog, Bukidnon).
- Increased plankton cells count, frys appetite and fight against the White-Spot virus in Prawn fry (Hoc Po Feeds Corp.-Bacolod, Negros).
- Repelled harmful insects and pests in varieties of crops.
- Overcame drought through weekly spraying on corn and sugarcane plantations (Bukidnon and Silay).
- Overcame the incurable and destructive Tungro Virus in rice plants (Rice farms of Mayor Nicolas Jurolan, Nestor Amante, Rodulph Acot -Bukidnon).

Tungro Virus in rice plants is transmitted by leafhoppers.
The virus runs across all varieties once it has developed in an area.
It reduces the yields to as low as 20% or even resulted in total damages.
Tungro Virus has been declared by the scientific community to have no cure.
Annual average damages in Asia along run from 3 to 4millions tons of rice grains (US $1.2Billions).

In February 2007, Philippines Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap instructed Director Leocadio Sebastian of Philippines premier research center, Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) to test J777 FOF in the fight against the dreadful Tungro Virus.

After its experiments, in March of 2008, PhilRice officially reported and confirmed not only did J777 FOF overcome the Tungro Virus but has also shown a 50% yield increase.

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Fax # 63 32 2326 530
Cel # +63922 87 25 777
Emal j777inc@pldtdsl.net

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