ArchiTEKS Present: Chachi Gonzales

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All of Texas watched this young girl grow for years now. It's beyond words to describe her growth in the community. She has trained in every training ground that came her way while picking up various styles from a ton of different choreographers. She took every opportunity she could to dance while balancing school, family, friends, and just being a normal kid. You would of never thought she was the typical Twilight and Justin Bieber lover after seeing her dance. Watching her now blows my mind, and now that she is a choreographer!? I am so proud of her!!! At such a young age she has managed to find her own forte and even her own style. To me she is the heart of Houston. Her heart is pure and she is ALWAYS smiling. I can't wait to see what the future has for her. I know it's going to be huge. I'm dreading the day she will get a boyfriend HAHA. We love you Chachi!

I would like to thank the whole Gonzales family for your support for your daughter and for the Houston dance scene. You have done so much! A million times thank you!

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