How to Reverse B-double (18 Wheels of Steel Haulin)

By: Irreo


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To learn the basics of a single semitrailer reverse please visit:

Watch in high quality:

The trailer used is the b-double from halmqvist.

This video tries to enlighten a bit those who still feel confused about how to back up a b-double. I still don't master the technique at all, but I did my best to do a backing where you could see how it works. Then it's up to you to practice and play, and of course deal with other positions, as reversing is not always as easy as in this case. But hey, if you know the basics, you only have to practice.

I usually use interior view, but for doubles I just can't, because you don't see the trailers at all. In real life you can take your head out of the window or move it so you see more in the mirror, but in this game you just can't see the second trailer sometimes, so to do it better, I recommend outside view.

The music is from "Gone´╗┐ in 60 seconds".
First song is Bad Karma (ZzHck3YI3xA) and second one is Moby Flower (hJkm5R40Hj0)

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