Minecraft : 73 TNT Animal Cannon; Space Program

By: kiershar


Uploaded on October 21, 2010 by kiershar Powered by YouTube

This glorious device propels animals at ludicrous speed. Powered by 73 TNT that are dropped inside a single water trench. A whole mess of redstone connects every racks.

Also the very first step of my space program, still have to hear from pig tho. Watch his launch full-screen and at max resolution, the night is too dark.

UPDATE : Pig and the minecarts were never seen again. I have walked for a few minecraft days in the direction of the launch, with no success. It's time to call off the search. RIP Pig.

Since you all asked for it, see the self-launch here :

Want to launch animals and/or yourself? Get the save here :

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