Battlefield Heroes - Vehicle Mayhem (New Outfits & New Weapons)

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Join the fight at *******www.battlefieldheroes**** It's time to kick start your engines and blow stuff up,...
Join the fight at *******www.battlefieldheroes**** It's time to kick start your engines and blow stuff up, because Vehicle Mayhem is HERE! Go grease monkey as heroes from the deserted wastelands join in on the fight in their ever growing battle for supplies, territory... and just because they plain love blowing things to kingdom come. *************************** New Outfits *************************** Step into the shoes of Road Ranger, a proud Royal peacekeeper always hot on the heels of the crafty National rebels seeking to gain ground in their territorial battle. Or grab your blowtorch and wrench and wreak havoc on any who stand in your way as the National mercenary Track Hunter Get the Royal Road Ranger set here! ********www.battlefieldheroes****/store/buy/46267 Get the National Track Hunter set here! ********www.battlefieldheroes****/store/buy/46268 *************************** New Weapons *************************** Their expertise not only makes them worthy warriors in the on-going battle between Nationals and Royals but their never ending love for blowing up everything they see (particularly enemy vehicles) has allowed them to create some terrifying, destructive, never before seen weapons which they will be trading with their faction buddies. New anti-vehicle weapons are inbound and they are sure to blow your socks off... and stuff up. For more information check out this thread! *******www.battlefieldheroes****/en/forum/showthread.php?tid=308649