Loro Piana Tomboy: Most Powerful Showjumper Ever!

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The incalculably powerful Loro Piana Tomboy VI secures the first ever Olympic medal in Equestrian for the nation of Brazil.

Also, in a heartbreaker of a round that can be seen in the following link; this magnificent horse also went clear in the final individual round of the competition, but missed the jumpoff for the medals by a single second (time fault):

This horse's characteristic "dangling", and thus his need to add impressive amounts of "air" between himself and the fences to ensure clearance for his front legs-- have earned for him, by many, the title of "World's Most Powerful ShowJumper"...

...don't believe it? Then watch the jump at 01:06, that's a 6ft-wide oxer!

Clip shown is of 2nd-round of team competition, Atlanta summer games, 1996. Video courtesy of Premier Horse Network, and the National Broadcasting Company Inc.

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