Santa's Workshop (1932 / 2006)

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A Merry Christmas to All, especially to MaryAnne, our Ysabella!
Ysabella - stay BRAVE..

Santa's Workshop
Produced By Walt Disney
Animated By Jack Kinney and Fred Moore.
Originally Released on December 10, 1932.
Remastered 2006 with new colours
Uncensored version

A Mickey Mouse doll can be seen peeking out of the bag of toys as Santa Claus is saying goodbye.

Santa Claus: [Reading letter]

"Dear Santy Claus,
I'm Billy Brown
Here's a list I've jotted down:
I want a giraffe and a duck and a whale
A cow and a pig with a seven-foot tail
A tiger that roars and a leopard with spots
A barrel of monkeys, a pony who trots
I want a baboon, a dog that'll bark
A walrus, a herring, a hog and a shark."
Ha! I'll give him Noah's Ark.

Elf: But Billy Brown, for seven years, hasn't washed behind his ears.

Santa Claus: Well, ha-ha, there's still some hope. I'll just add a cake of soap.

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