Something Weird Violent Years [18+]

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"This is a story of violence. Of violence born of the uncontrolled passions of adolescent youth and nurtured by this generation of parents -- those who in their own smug little world of selfish interests and confused ideas of parental supervision refuse to believe today's glaring headlines! But it has happened! Only the people and places have been given other names!" Yup, in the brazen tradition of Girl Gang and Gun Girls comes The Violent Years, another hybrid of teensploitation and roadshow sleaze courtesy of a script by none other then EDWARD D. WOOD JR.!
Because her mother is so busy with a whirlwind social life, and daddy is always at the office, 18 year-old Paula Parkins (JEAN MOORHEAD) turns into a teenage hoodlum. Armed with guns and tight sweaters, Paula leads three other high-school hellcats in a series of robberies --17 we're told -- specializing in gas-station holdups. And why, exactly, is well-to-do Paula behaving this way! For the thrill of it, of course: "I'm not interested in the money. There's plenty of that at home, It's the thrill that gets me! The thrill of the chase maybe!"

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