"Hermit" by The Wilderness of Manitoba

By: annickarabians


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Heard this song on the radio yesterday and thought it was FANTASTIC...Lyrics below! I switched it up putting the ending at the beginning just to shorten length of song.. They are a band from Toronto with this new song, Hermit from their new 2010 album, You Left The Fire...Here are the lyrics...I will revise if any mistakes...Bluebirds is another great song which can be found over on www.vimeo.com ..Looking forward to hearing more from these fabulous singers!!! Enjoy! Lyrics: When you left the fire, It burned down the house Nobody knew you; Knew the lines round your mouth REPEAT Maybe I'm dumb for asking, I live out in the woods Will you ever know me, The way I think you should I'm stuck on this woman, I think that I can, Get out of this hermit, A dependable man. Cause if you live like i do, It's never too soon, To break through the shadows, and out of this room..
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