Letters to God: Behind the Scenes Update 01 - The Movie in 90 Seconds (Official Video)

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His days had been filled with climbing trees, soccer games, happy pranks on his friends and love from his family. Then one day, 9-year-old Tyler Doherty learned a new word—cancer.

Brady McDaniels life was spiraling out of control. The letter carrier had little reason to keep going, until one day he met young Tyler.

The result is Letters to God, an inspiring film about what happens when a beleaguered postman must decide what to do with the prayer letters written by a boy stricken with cancer.

Bradys first day of substituting for another postman on Laurel Lane pretty much sums up his pathetic lifea dog chases him through the sprinklers and he tears his trousers, a grumpy old man threatens him with a cane, and a sick boy throws up on his shoes. But when he discovers a letter destined for heaven, his life really gets complicated. Frustrated with the burden of what to do with the letter, he shoves it in his pocket, not wanting to think about what a little boy with cancer wants from God.

Trying to hang on to the only good thing in his life—his job—Brady continues to deliver the mail and becomes friends with Tyler and the wonderfully delightful and eccentric neighbors on Laurel Lane. In time, Brady opens his heart to Tylers family and the love of God that surrounds them. But an open heart is a vulnerable thing and when crisis comes, Brady takes a downward turn.

With all hope lost, Brady reads the letters he had carelessly stashed away and the miracle of Tylers handwritten talks with God give Brady fresh hope.

Letters to God is a film filled with laughter, love, hope and triumph—the kind that is found in a friendship with God.

Music provided by:

"Dear Mr. God"
Written By: Brad and Brett Warren
Performed By: Warren Brothers
Publishing by permission of Style Sonic Records

Between the Trees, "If Nothing Else" - instrumentals
Courtesy of Bonded Records

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