How to Send Unlimited Free SMS/Texts from the IPhone/iPod Touch

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(Watch in High Quality) This application has been removed, because of Google blocking the texts coming fro...
(Watch in High Quality) This application has been removed, because of Google blocking the texts coming from Infinite SMS. Please check the long annotation in the video for more info and please click the link provided below for the full story with updates. Full Story: *******www.innerfence****/google-shuts-down-infinite-sms Infinite SMS: Send/Recieve Free Texts Creator: Inner Fence, LLC Price: $0.99 - Special introductory price! UPDATES: This application now allows you to delete SMS conversations, and it now also alerts you when you have a new SMS with a sound, but the app has to be opened. Do you have an iPod Touch 1G OR 2G? Do you dream of being able to text? for FREE? Or, do you have an iPhone but you don't have the texting plan, but always wanted to text? Well, now you can! With Infinite SMS by Inner Fence, LLC you can send/receive texts through your Google Gmail account. Don't have one? it's VERY easy to set one up right in the application! Note: This only work sin the US. It will not work in the UK or Germany. From the other countries outside of the US I believe you can only text US numbers. You can't text people in your own country. Although, I am not completely sure all of the details on where it works. It's very beautifully designed JUST like the SMS application on the iPhone. With this application you can: - Send text messages FREE - Recieve SMS replies FREE - Add 2-way SMS to your iPod Touch/iPhone - Messages won't show up on your phone bill - Send to US numbers, even outside of the US - Use your Gmail account; no other sign-up 9.5/10 I wish there was a sound made when you received a text (if you were in the application. Can't delete conversations/messages sent/received (as far as I know). I also wish you typed the SMS in a small box next to the 'send' button like it is on the iphone, so you can see the previous texts while you're typing. These are all small things, I would still DEFINITELY recommend this application. Follow me on Twitter - *******www.twitter****/punkdoggy Thanks for Watching!