Disney/WWE Episode 16 (Jemi/Nelena/Niley/Edge/Orton Story

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Finally, Long Waited Wait, episode 16. Remember, I will accept people to play certain characters so if you ...
Finally, Long Waited Wait, episode 16. Remember, I will accept people to play certain characters so if you want in, message. Continued Off....... *Tiger466/Randy Orton Come Back* Tiger466/Randy: That was our surprise. It was scripted! Demi: No wonder your so smart and intelligent Tiger466.......... I got fooled when I thought you were mean, but it was scripted! Tiger466: *Acts Smart* Of Course It Was. You Know Exactly from the start what I would be doing. Randy: *Fake Smile* See You Guys Later. *Tiger466 And Randy Leave* Demi: Ok.......... Selena: They are having so much fun. Miley: Oh Yea? I just get the feeling they are going to back stab us sooner or later. Demi: That's What Everybody's Saying! It's Never going to happen! Selena: Maybe It will. You never know. Demi: Your right. Joe: Lets take this seriously and have fun okay? We already have cr2 filming! Demi: I forgot all about it! Nick/Kevin: Uh oh...........now what? Joe: No need to panic. We're gonna be late, but that's okay. Selena/Miley: You Think so? Joe: Maybe... 09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)Trouble at the disney channel house Demi: *Sleeping* Selena/Miley: I think we just heard a noise. WWFE Army: *Charges Into the house and start's firing bullets* Demi: *Wakes Up* What just happend? Joe/Nick/Kevin: Um............. I don't Know? Oh shoot we got people in our house with guns! Cody/Kyle/Raven: .............we are so getting out of here! Mark Henry: I don't think so. *Body Slams all three* Ashley/Meaghan: Not Cool. Can't we just be friendly? Christian/Edge: Let us think. Hell No. *Hits them with chairs* Selena/Miley: Okay okay lets see how you like this! *Hits half of the army with knives* Kane: I have been to hell before and i didn't see your knife. *Chokeslams Miley* Jeff Hardy: *DDT's Big Show, Then does swanton bomb* John Cena: Hey... that's not fair to threat them like that. *F-U's Mark Henry* Demi: Guys! Stop This! It really is making things worse for both sides when we hate each other! Edge: Oh Yeah? *Does Edgecution on demi* Kane: I don't like any of you! *Chokeslams Everybody on disney and wwfe* You make me a jobber, when I should have the wwf championship! I got my revenge on all of you, cause you treat me like a loser! Demi: ...........That's mean! Kane: I........... Am....... The........Big..............Red..........Machine! *Chokeslams Demi, then chokeslams shane mcmahon* Shane: Hey! Kane, your fired! Kane: *Chokeslams shane to hell on a stack of knives* Jeff Hardy: Calm down kane, cool off your temper man. Demi: Yea..... cool it off. I'm starting to get scared of you after taking 2 maybe 3 chokeslams from you. Kane: I do not like being made fun of. Undertaker: Kane, just calm down... nobody's making fun of you here. Stone Cold Steve Austin/The Rock: Yea. Chill out. The rock and stone cold don't want to see you kill people. Austin: Yea, and you used to scare everbody with your mask on. Where's the kane that chokeslamed everybody with his long hair and his mask. The Rock: Oh yeah. Rocky get scared of it too! I lost a match to triple h in a title vs mask match and I had to unmask! And I agreed to unmask, so the only reason I cut my hair that day was because I decided to unmask. Stone Cold: But you look great in long hair! The Rock: Sure do! You got unmasked by undertaker at summerslam 2000, ran away so nobody could see, but the camera man took a picture of you unmasked, with your long hair and beard without the mask, and with you bleeding, it's great! Stone Cold: Oh that was funny. personally, I enjoyed it. Jeff: Yeah that was too funny actually! Kane: I thought I said you guys weren't going to make fun of me today! Demi: We aren't! Can you trust us? Kane: Since you like making fun of me, lets see how you like this people! *Chokeslams austin on to a chair, Chokeslams rock to the floor, Chokeslams Jeff Hardy through the door, and Chokeslams demi through the windor with 2 tables right next to it* Austin: That hurt! Rock: Oh come on! Jeff: *Unhappy* That was so not cool! Demi: *Angry* I think I broke my leg for you doing that kane! How Mean! Kane: *Chokeslams them all again* I've been to hell, this is what you all get! *Drags everyone to his hiding place* 09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC)09:36, 25 December 2009 (UTC) Okay, i can admit it was short. Episode 17 is next week. And Don't ask me why i wrote it like that, read the title of the story. So rate, comment, and sub! ~Tiger466