League of Legends - Summoner Showcase #60 : New Year, New Art!

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BrokenKat knows League of Legends art like very few do. From the story-book colors to the synergy of the champions, these are definitely well worth a look.

Kezair created a unique headboard, featuring our winged Demacian tank. If you thought laning with Galio was comforting, how about having him last-hit your nightmares while you sleep?

You don't need to ask to find out what champion StephanosThaine likes best. After years of silence, it doesn't surprise us that Rammus has a lot to say.

Myndflame has made another amazing League of Legends Machinima! So if you're looking for laughs (and a little bit of candy) this is definitely worth checking out.

Francis5 painted a motorcycle helmet to look like everyone's favorite trickster, Fizz! We'd be lying if we said we didn't want to learn to ride a motorcycle just to wear a helmet like this!

Taesi shows an absolutely astonishing sense of style with these awesome renditions of our nine-tailed champion, Ahri. The details on her dress are to die for!

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