Marine Iguanas In Love - Fairy Boy

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I don't own any of the rights. Lyrics as provided by Ryley Beggs she's expecting the death of me & she says she'll write me a eulogy in her notebook. "I don't want to live forever if the only thing that will be left to show is my life." "you scare me to death." "tell me something worth saving & then I'll take back my first suicide threat. there's nothing here but filthy drugs & people who drink today because they woke up." "I'm still scared to death." "I'll marry you while I'm young, right before I turn nineteen, while I'm still capable of love. we'll get hitched & fake our deaths, then move out to the country without any of life's debts." "we'll get new identities that will work out for a decade then we will move out to the sea." "then we'll have a son that's not mine. you'll tell me that you hate me & I destroyed both of our lives." I remember when you saw my grandparents & wondered to me if the both of them were still happy together.
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