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Video courtesy of *******youtube****/pepsiphilippines RH BILL AWARENESS: Contrary to the misinformation c...
Video courtesy of *******youtube****/pepsiphilippines RH BILL AWARENESS: Contrary to the misinformation campaign being spread by some, the Reproductive Health (RH) - Responsible Parenthood (R) Bill does not allow abortion and will not force any contraceptive methods on anyone. It will not dictate the number of children a family can have. The Bill will respect the moral convictions and religious beliefs of all, but at the same time, protect the unborn child by providing health services for the pregnant mother and likewise save the lives of mother from dying at childbirth. RH-RP Bill will protect, provide and access a full range of safe and effective family planning methods (both natural and artificial) to Filipinos regardless of their belief and non-belief. The Bill is pro-quality life for the whole family. It ensures that more children will grow up secure in the knowledge that they were wanted because their births were planned. It is not against the birth of children and does not advocate that couples stop having children. Rather, it only claims to help them achieve their fertility goals - to have the number and proper spacing of children that they desire. Under the Philippine Law, abortion is illegal. The RH-RP Bill does not, in any way, legalize abortion. In fact, this Bill will help reduce the instances of illegal abortions. Currently 11 mothers unnecessarily die from giving birth daily as per latest estimates of the United Nations. This Bill is committed to protect the health and lives of mothers. It is committed to reduce maternal deaths and infant mortality. It is committed to save babies.