Wall St. Meltdown: NWO Seizes Power!!!

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Well, ok this is my experience... If you have researched spiritual gifts or experiences, you know that the...
Well, ok this is my experience... If you have researched spiritual gifts or experiences, you know that there is a certain perspective that God gives a prophet in order to convey a specific message or future event... Well anyways, i must share with you a significant experience that i had today... i live kinda next to the OC in calif. and we went to a massive mall in the heart of that conservative county... however as i walked around today, for some reason, it was not business as usual... I did not see fellow shoppers, or fellow rat-racers with whom i am in competition with for status symbols, or social standing, or one-upmanship... What i saw was the emptiness of american consumer culture, and how much time and money we have wasted on ourselves... while the rest of the third world starves to death every day, we worry whether the clothing label we are wearing is up to par with the "joneses"... or if our massive SUV is the latest model... or if our house is up to our neighbors level of luxury... and i had the distinct impression that we as a nation will be judged for our selfishness... Yes, we will have to give an account for our greediness with our money, but also for our un willingness to share the Gospel of Jesus... how empty we have been! what a vapid existence! the avarice! The events on wall st. have driven the point home... our leaders have been corrupted, our politicians have sold us out... and there is nothing left for the average american to do except watch the whole thing topple to the ground... I give you a prophetic message from God... Care for your families, care for your neighbors, let go of your grudges, forgive those who have hurt you... the hour is late... better to enter into heaven with a heart of Love, than to go down into hell because of bitterness... ya know everyone wants a Word from God... but are you reeelly sure thats what ya want? do ya reeelly want to hear a prophetic word? wouldnt ya rather listen to the soothing prophets like blossom goodchild? or prophet yaweh? (lol) naw you dont want a Word from God... Because God says repent! for the kingdom of God is at hand! Wall St. Meltdown: NWO seizes Power!!! The fall of the USA as a world superpower... Daniel 7:24