My Canary & Cockatiel Having A Bath

By: Madd2TheMaxx


Uploaded on December 24, 2006 by Madd2TheMaxx Powered by YouTube

Freddy (canary) gets a free ride on Cedric's (cockatiel) back in the bath.

They are both female (i know, it's strange they have male names, but when we bought them we thought they were males & kept there names as it is)

I apologize for the poor video quality in some areas, as this video was recorded on a Sharp GX-30 phone and not on a digital camera.

And yes the canary is REAL, just because it doesn't do a lot in the video, doesn't mean it's fake or a toy. I'd imagine it would be very hard to find a toy canary that looks like my canary... Take a look at my other bird videos and decide for yourself if my canary is real before you leave a comment!

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