SMU Women's Rowing 2012 Call Me, Maybe Cover

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Ball's in your court, Harvard Baseball

As a team that is characterized by strong women, we want to help in the act of empowering women and to raise awareness for victims of sexual violence. SMU student athletes take pride in supporting each other in any situation, and it is our honor to bring to light the story of a fellow Lady Mustang, Monika Korra and to use her story to help other victims of sexual violence. Follow the link below to learn more about Monika and her story.

We do not own the rights to any of the songs played in this video

Drew Yoder (Choreographer)
Emily McCombs (Director)
Courtaney Miller (Dancer)
Chantelle Conley (Dancer)
Emily Carstens (Dancer)
Halley Learned (Singer)
Maggie Jones (Singer)
Claira McElroy (Singer)
Lauren Moore (Dancer)
Rachelle Schelhaas (Dancer)

Our apologies. The first video had to be temporarily taken down.

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