Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Shows Why He is Undefeated 27-0 (8-0)

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Daniel Puder is going to teach you how to do a Ab workout is a great move to do during a match in MMA (Mixe...
Daniel Puder is going to teach you how to do a Ab workout is a great move to do during a match in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). This will help your overall Fitness goals and workouts improve. this will help you prepare for a match and also is a gerat fitness workout to gain cardio or do in rounds like MMA or boxing. Daniel Puder, born on October 9, 1981, first made a name for himself in high school. Puder finished first place in his weight division in the Central Coast Section amateur wrestling. He accomplished this while wrestling with a broken hand. The wrestling mat wasn't the only location where Puder began demonstrating success despite the odds. As a high school student, he began his entrepreneurial career by starting several successful businesses. Puder has never been one to settle for average in anything he does. He sought out the tutelage of MMA amateur wrestling legends Frank Shamrock, Brian Johnston, Danny Chaid, and trained at the American Kick Boxing Academy in San Jose until 2008 when Puder moved to Los Angeles and started training under the TOP MMA Heavy weight coach, Eric Paulson. Whether it's in a business meeting or in the ring, Puder has the same attitude: Success, Heart, and Improve. He has MMA competition records of 8-0 (PRO) and 20-0 (amateur). Puder gained enormous momentum when he nearly made 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle tap out on national television. In October 2004 through 2006, Puder was selected from thousands of applicants to compete in World Wrestling Entertainment's first-ever $1,000,000 Tough Enough Challenge on Smack Down on UPN. The national and international TV exposure got Puder to where he wanted to be. Puder WON $1,000,000 Tough Enough and then went back to Mixed Martial Arts. In 2006, Puder started fighting and won 3 fights. He was very successful and received numerous articles and was featured on many TV and radio shows. In 2007, Puder continued to win 2 more fights. He started to earn recognition on the front pages and sports sections of many newspapers, and also was seen on KRON, FOX SPORTS, and NBC. In 2008 Puder produced a HUGE event for Cops Care Cancer Foundation in Los Angeles, moved to Los Angeles, and joined CWS for his official fight team. In 2009 Puder launch a new company www.fight5****, won his 8th fight, Is getting 40,000 viewers on him name value each day, Launching his own Fight League and 5 more Youtube**** shows, Earned a 4 page spread in Mens Fitness, was on 2 more TV shows, and added 2 more charities to the Family of helping!! Puder is now living in Los Angeles and balances his extreme training schedule with one of his other passions: giving youth the opportunity to excel. Puder started his first charity when he was 19 years old and now is involved with HAWKE FOUNDATION, Toys for Tots, Stanford and San Francisco Hospital, After School All Stars, and Cops Care Cancer Foundation, San Jose Police Athletic League (PAL), Puder Strength Training, Shiners hospital, Clays for Kids and many others. No matter how busy his schedule is, he never runs out of time for others who need the attention the most. At age 28, Puder already looks to the future. Puders goals for 2010 are high as he looks to gain more exposure in his 28th year than any previous year. Executive Producer - Daniel Puder Camera Operator / Editor - Mikhail Zakharchuk [Zakharchuk****] Produced by Anokis Productions [AnokisProductions****] Marketing by George Rawstarr Walker in association with Rawstarr Communications rawstarrcommunications****