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After like a hundred requests I'm compelled to do a sharpening video...maybe more to follow. Using an EZE-LAP Fine Diamond oval shaped diamond sharpener (, EZ-D10F, $19) and a 13" Lansky sharpening steel, I show how I re-sharpen an AG Russell kitchen knife. Keep your edge angle very consistent on both rods, using enough passes to bring out the edge you desire. The diamond stone actually produces micro serrations in the steel which will cut very effectively. I find the edge is more durable and even sharper however if honed a bit on the steel, using care not to roll the tip (in video). I do use other systems occasionally but this is my current favorite. That's because this is the fastest way I'm able to bring out an edge again in a knife.

Note: Suppliers and models of the referenced sharpeners will change. I note my original sources for reference and to maybe help save you time.

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