Next Stop #37 - 'i Am SICK'

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NEXT STOP - a non stop journey (Oct. 22th, 2011) 'i am SICK' -- I'm not sure if it's because of the air in Seoul, or using my vocal chords more than I have ever done before! I had laryngitis. I have great kids, but I'm not sure why my voice wasn't up for it. I used to be a drum major calling commands... what happened? Am I old? Getting sick is a big NO. You work even when you are about to die. Luckily I have found some doctors who know English around my work, who are understanding and have helped out a lot. The doctor's visit and pills purchased with Alien card are very inexpensive (~₩3,500 = doctor's visit/~₩3,000 = pill's at pharmacy) Special thank you to Garage Band "Roller Derby," & for sound bites. Copyright © 2011 Next Stop
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