Charles Trénet - La Mer (live Olympia)

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Charles Trénet - La Mer (live Olympia)
(english translation thanks to EdHarris)

The sea
which one sees dancing along the clear gulfs
to sparkles of silver.
The sea
Of changing sparkles
Under the rain.

The sea
Confuses the summer sky's sheep
With angels so pure.
The sea
Shepherdess of blue infinity.

Next to the ponds
Those tall wet reeds.
Those white birds
And those rusty houses

The Sea
Has cradled them
Along the clear gulfs.
The Sea
Has cradled my heart for life.

*Trénet's will would be that everyone learned french instead. You would be amazed by its poetry and thankful to him forever.
Alors ne laissons pas le français mourir.
Repérons les cédilles et les accents graves sur nos claviers et sauvons la plus jolie langue au Monde!

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