Amargosa Dunes - Beautiful! ( GoPro HD )

By: lowlypawn


Uploaded on December 18, 2009 by lowlypawn Powered by YouTube

1st real footage shot with my new GoPro HD. If you are looking for some sick air you might be a little disappointed, but if you just want to sit back, relax and take in the beauty of the Nevada Dunes, this is for you! All footage shot with one GoPro HD. Editing done in Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 (render settings below).

Song title: "Longing for you" Author: Dimoria. You can download the song at

***Notes about the camera & render settings***

GoPro HD was set in "R4" mode (1280x960). I rendered this video many times until I finally found an acceptable setting. I don't know if this is the best but the quality seemed very good and my file I uploaded to youtube was only 149 megs. Some other render setting I tried the file was over 700 megs (one setting the file was 3.3 gigs!) with no noticeable improvement in visual quality. So if you like the quality of this video and at very reasonable file sizes give these settings a try.

"Windows Media Video V11"
Render quality "best"
Mode CBR (two-Pass)
Format "windows Media video 9"
Image size "(custom)" (just match your footage)
1280x960, Aspect 1.0 FPS 29.970, keyframes 3
Video smoothness "100 (sharpest)"
Bit rate "internet/lan" checked and "8 M" entered in box (I now use "10M" but the difference is minimal if any at all)

CBR, windows media audio 9.2
192 KBPS, 48 KHZ, stereo (A/V) CBR.

Still having problems making your GoPro HD video look like this?
Sony Vegas users go here for screen shots showing render settings I use.

Computer slow while editing? Check out "How to use proxy files" (I didn't write it but it's a good resource).

Hope this helps
Thanks for watching & comments welcome.

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