Dogville - Tribute To Grace - (Time)

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This is a tribute to Nicole's character Grace in Dogville. In my opinion she gave one of her absolute best performances in this movie. I must tell you that it was terribly hard and challenging for me to make this because of personal experiences which are all too similar to what Grace goes through in Dogville. It's a sad video and it's meant to be. I tried to stay clear from spoilers, so it should be safe for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet to watch. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, you should. It's weird to some and some don't like it because of the setting. I for one LOVE this movie because of the setting. For once, the actors who are on screen can't rely on anything but their own talent. It's so naked and honest. Nothing to hide behind. Also why I think Nicole was the perfect pick to play Grace. She can tell a thousand stories with her eyes.

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