Cloverfield 2 Teaser/Trailer (Cloverfield Sequel) *FAN-MADE*

By: MegaByte01101001


Uploaded on February 15, 2008 by MegaByte01101001 Powered by YouTube

Here's a teaser for Cloverfield 2 that I put together. This is what I envision the actual teaser will be like. It's FAN-MADE and of course it has footage from the first one. Want me to make a Cloverfield 2 movie so I can have new footage? :-)

UPDATE: This vid has received an overwhelming show of support and is overall liked. I appreciate your comments.

Since I made this trailer, I have upped the ante and created another Cloverfield 2 trailer that, in my opinion, shadows this one and gives more of a feeling of a true teaser trailer as I don't use any footage from the first trailer at all. Check it out at:

If you liked this one, I'm sure you'll enjoy this other one.



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