Napoleon Total War Online Battle #015: Russia Vs the Ottomans

By: PrinceofMacedon


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I command the Russians.My opponent, Robert E. Lee, commands the Ottomans.MISCELLANEOUSThere are two books in the English language written about Alexander Suvorov:- "Art of Victory: the Life and Achievements of Field Marshal Suvorov (Philip Longworth)- "Eagles over the Alps: Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland" (Christopher Duffy)As I said in my video, I made plenty of tribute videos to Alexander Suvorov for Empire Total War when the game first came out. Several other commentators made some videos after me about Suvorov as well. Just be weary though: a few commentators saw my Suvorov videos last year, and they incorrectly stated that Suvorov used "Mass Infantry Tactics." In fact, I am the one who used "mass infantry tactics." I used masses of infantry simply because I had no other way to bring his spirit alive in Empire Total War effectively. In reality, Suvorov was greatly outnumbered in almost all of his battles. The "mass infantry tactics" were my fault...not Suvorov's. So let's not attribute my ugly tactics to Suvorov. Suvorov was much better than that.

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