(Airsoft) KSC M11 Full Metal.

By: KhanSeb


Uploaded on May 08, 2010 by KhanSeb Powered by YouTube

Shots with the KSC M.A.C. Model 11, unsuppressed and suppressed.

It's a full metal gas powered airsoft GBB gun.

I use green gas for this gun.

I bought it from an other airsoft player. You can buy the same on a lot of airsoft website like uncompany, wgc, redwolf airsoft, ehobbyasia, dentrinity...

Really fun to use. Not accurate, but high rate of fire.

The suppressor actually works.... At least a little. You can buy it on the same website I mentioned before.

It has a full metal (steel) kit, a G&P one.

You can find more or less the same thing in the "custom" section of uncompany, for about 330 USD.

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