Rapunzel - the Sims 2

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Based on the classic tale "Rapunzel" A childless couple live near a beautiful garden owned by an ol...
Based on the classic tale "Rapunzel" A childless couple live near a beautiful garden owned by an old witch. When the wife finally gets pregnant she notices the rapunzel growing in the witchs garden and starts longing for it. She has her husband going to get it but he gets caught by the witch who demands to get their unborn child as pay for their theft. The wife has the baby and they are forced to hand over the little girl to the witch who names her Rapunzel. When Rapunzel grows older the witch locks her up in a tower to keep her for her self, but one day a young prince discovers the tower and the girl inside it. By watching the witch he learns how to get access to Rapunzel. He just calls her to let down her hair and then he climbs up the tower whit her braid as rope. The prince and Rapunzel falls in love whit each other and plans her escape, but one day Rapunzel accidentally reveals the prince existence by asking the witch why she is so much heavier than the prince. The witch cuts of Rapunzels long hair and casts her out in the woods.When the prince comes to the tower he climbs the braid but when he reaches the top he finds the witch waiting for him there. She tells him that he'll never find Rapunzel and then pushes him down the tower. The prince lands among the thorns that grows around the tower and survives the fall but loses his sight. Though blind he starts searching for his beloved Rapunzel. They finally find each other after a long search and Rapunzel heals his eyes whit her tears. Then he takes her to his kingdom and they live happily ever after. :::!!IMPORTANT!!!::: In one of the scenes it may APPEAR as if Rapunzels braid isnt as long as it should be, but thats just an _illusion_. Its the ..uhmshadows, that are tricking your eye to THINK that the braid just goes a bit down her back. But now you know. Thats not true. I promise. Its meter long. Enjoy!And please comment!( Sorry for the bad quality, I'm going to try to upload it in better quality soon, but it just takes ages!)