Elvis Presley - Greatest Song Compilation Ever (Xmas 2009).

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Elvis Presley (Possibly Greatest Vocal Range Clips Fitted into 10 minutes)! - My tribute 2009.
All copyright info (not owned by me) below. You Tube are kind enough to allow this Tribute, which took 16 hours! It has what I consider to be some of his most Brilliant moments, and demonstrates Elvis' truly unbelievable Vocal range. It mainly covers the 1960's and 70's. This is my 4th attempt and I truly cannot do anything better than this!!
I used with thanks, many other Fans Clips, then highly edited to give, what I consider to be, a rather good account of Elvis' amazing Voice, and looks!
You Tube - I love You!I sincerely hope EVERYONE will enjoy this one and only version from me?!
Thanks to Adem Presley for use of some of his uploads.
Also Elvis Presley Estate.
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