How to Change Skin Color in Photoshop CS6

By: YourFavouriteBobby


Uploaded on June 15, 2012 by YourFavouriteBobby Powered by YouTube

Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS6 Tutorial-how to change skin color in photoshop CS6 (Black to white skin) This is a simple tutorial showing you how to change your skin color.In this tutorial i will show you how to change color of your skin in photoshop CS6 or any other version of photoshop like photoshop CS5 , photoshop CS4, photoshop CS3 etc.this tutorial works on all versions of photoshop. For all updates visit- My Facebook Page- "Free Royalty Free Music by - LIKE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE please :) if you have any other question ask me in the COMMENT section below or PM me. Don't forget to add the video to your favourites by hitting the ADD TO button then FAVOURITES to show your appreciation TAGS- "photoshop" "photoshop cs6" "photoshop cs6 tutorial" "adobe photoshop cs6" "adobe cs6" "CS6 photoshop" "photoshop cs6 tutorials" skin "change skin tone" how to change color "photoshop cs5" "photoshop cs5 tutorial" "photoshop cs5 tutorials" cs4 cs3 cs6 tutorials editing edit sexy photo yourfavouritebobby Adobe brush drag tool video videos "online tutorials" "video editing" "sexy girl" model hot training black white brown "white skin" "brown rang"
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