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Welcome to Mercedes Medical. We offer high quality low cost medical supplies to all of our customers. The high quality supplies we provide always come complete with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Shop our site at or call us at 1.800.331.2716 and you will find all the brands you currently buy, along with our new Platinum Line® product line. This line includes Starfrost® frosted Slides, Medpro® Butterflies, Starfrost® Clipped Corner Slides, Platinum Line® Control Slides, Platinum Line® Coverglass, Platinum Line® Mounting Medium, Platinum Line® Freeze Spray, Sub-Xero Tissue Freezing Medium, Quik-Dip™ Three Part Hematology Stain, and an extensive selection of discount accessories.

Visit our site or call us today and let us help you solve your medical supply needs. Visit or call 1.800.331.2716. Operators are standing by to help you with your order.

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