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Well tomorrow it will be 2 years since this show finished airing on the ABC network in the states. It seriously was the best show on TV! This is to mark the second anniversary. I still remember watching the pilot when the show first came to Australia. It premiered on 18th Feb 2007. More than 2million Australian's tuned in, which exceeded expectations. Not many shows here get over 2 million viewers and from that moment I WAS OBSESSED WITH BETTY! The show was my favourite! Any mood or anything I would be in this show would just cheer me up so much! So I would just love to thank everyone who had anything to do with this wonderful show! You made it brilliant! I cannot believe that tomorrow it will be 2years since the final episode aired! The time has just flown by and still NO MOVIE. Which is just heartbreaking! But still in hope for a movie at one stage! I said it before and i'll say it again. Thank you to everyone who made Ugly Betty what it was. Here is my tribute to the show (sorry I went abit overkill on Season 4! As you can tell it was my fave out of all of them! It concluded alot of stuff for me. But when I finished realised that there wasn't nearly enough of Season 1 & 2. Sorry. Also tried getting everyone that had a role on the show! (Hope I didn't miss anyone?) Sorry if I did. I tried to get everyone! TWO YEARS ON AND I'M STILL HOPING THAT ABC WILL WAKE UP TO THEMSELVES! But doubt it will ever happen! Even after my millions of emails when they cancelled the show! UGLY BETTY 2006-2010 To my fave characters: Amanda: Becki, thank you so much for making me laugh so hard that i am in stitches everytime I watch the show! I really appreciate it! You played Amanda amazingly Wilhelmina: Vanessa, omg! What can I say. I love to hate Willie. But I don't think it would have been a show without you playing her. You did such a wonderful terrific job and the storylines for Willie were amazing! xD thank youu! Justin: Mark, what can I say mate. Justin was the character that was most like me and there was no other character on tv (or has been the same as Justin). I just want you to know how much I appreciate you playing him! It was great to see all his trials and everything come together. Did I mention how well you portrayed him? Brilliant work buddy! :) This song; When I was thinking about a tribute for this show I came past this song and I thought it was just perfection! It really was something unique and great idea for a tribute! Loveee you all! Thank you so much for watching. Hope it makes you all remember the good times of Ugly Betty! :D Caleb xxxx
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