Beer Pong Slam Dunks - 30 Epic Dunks (Official)

By: BeerPongSlamDunks


Uploaded on December 23, 2009 by BeerPongSlamDunks Powered by YouTube

WHICH DUNK IS YOUR FAVORITE? This is a Beer Pong Slam Dunks video that I made for your enjoyment. I have seen all kinds of beer pong trick shot videos on Youtube and how to play beer pong videos as well as videos talking about beer pong rules. However the most exciting beer pong video genre that is way overlooked is the beer pong dunk genre. The bottom line is that Beer Pong Dunkers have been overlooked by Beer Pong video makers. What can be better than watching drunk people attempting to jump across an 8 foot beer pong table and slam dunk a ping pong ball into a small red Dixie cup. There are not to many things in life I'd rather spend my next 2mins. 16 secs. doing. This video is dedicated to all the hardcore beer pong players out there that take their love for the sport to the next level.
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