Hippo Vs Crocodile

By: WorldTravelerMan


Uploaded on July 20, 2008 by WorldTravelerMan Powered by YouTube

An amazing truce takes place between 2 of the most dangerous powerful creatures in Kruger national park. This battle is actually a battle of territory. these animals have been sharing the same waters and land since the beginning of time. the most dangerous powerful aquatic predator vs the most dangerous aquatic herbivore. As you can see a herd of hippos are sunbathing only 20 feet away from a sunbathing crocodile. These animals are so comfortable with each other, they even close there eyes and relax near each other on land. these 2 fearsome species have this unlikely truce. they swim in the same waters, but on land they manage to hold their territory and keep their distance. how is this possible? I don't know but this video i shot is proof of that.

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