Diablo 3 - Secret Level Whimsyshire - There is No Secret Cow Level! Pony Land Commentary

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There Is No Cow Level... Like & Favorite! Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Robbazking Twitter: *******twit...
There Is No Cow Level... Like & Favorite! Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Robbazking Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/RobbazTube Guide. Black Mushroom - Act 1 - Cathedral lvl 1 Leroic's Shinbone - Act 1 - In Leorics Mansion Fireplace "Random Spawn" Liquid Rainbow - Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis, find Zaven the Alchemist and enter the Mysterious Cave, then find the Mysterious Chest. Gibbering Gemstone - Act 3 - In Caverns of Frost, dropped by Chiltara. "Random Spawn" Wirt's Bell - Act 2 - Bought from the Little Girl in the City cost's 100k The plans for the Staffs drops from a boss in Act 4 and making the staff cost a additional 50k. There is one version for all levels with diffrent price tags! Cheers - Robbaz! Secret Easteregg "Diablo 3" "staff of herding" "ghost of the cow king" cow king ponies unicorns carebear tristram "cow level" rainbow liquid Whimsyshire "Secret Level" "Black Mushroom" normal nightmare hell inferno "Leoric's Shinbone" "Liquid Rainbow" Wirt's Bell "I hate ponies" staff of herding commentary guide tutorial