Captain Community: Episode 4

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Captain Community is investigating the content inventory of a truck suspected to have been hi-jacked by drug cartels (*note* unconfirmed rumor). Dr X sent out the agent to retrieve the goods and discover what happened... Tuesday morning proves a fast-paced day!

*This scene occurs mid-way through the movie. Scene 4*

"You deserve the Money! presents it's new featured Mini-Series. The real version will be available soon on and BR. Shot on a regular video-recording device, our desire is to make movies with the community. Based on espionage books and spy movies this adventure goes all over the world. The agent returns back to work for the organization dedicated to overseeing urban affairs. It was romored the Captain was captured and brainwashed via-electricity by an unknown group during a mission, is it true? The series starts-off with Captain coming back to work after the attempted assassination of Dr. X (i.e. The boss and head of the organization employed underground by the government). Together they get mixed up in a tale of deadly business entanglements..."

Adventures of Captain Community

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