Criminal Minds - 3x07 - Profilers Profiling a Profiler

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..... all seasons+episodes: *******completetvseason.blogspot****/2011/02/criminal-minds.html PRENTISS: Hu...
..... all seasons+episodes: *******completetvseason.blogspot****/2011/02/criminal-minds.html PRENTISS: Huh. Taupe walls. That's a negative color. PRENTISS: Cold, distant. You know, emotionally, taupe is linked to loneliness and the desire to escape from the world. MORGAN: I just figured the guy's walls would be covered with plaques and commendations. PRENTISS: Huh. Maybe he doesn't want to be reminded of past victories. It's a new chapter for him. REID: What happened to the moratorium on inter-team profiling, guys? MORGAN: Come on, Reid, team? I don't think this guy knows the meaning of the word. MORGAN: Oh, I found something. Looks like some type of religious art. Original, maybe? Definitely expensive. REID: It's renaissance art. If that's original ... PRENTISS: Is it? REID: I don't know, it's kinda hard to tell. Means he's into the classics. MORGAN: What else? REID: Uh, Italian, strict Catholic upbringing. Probably believes in redemption. ROSSIE: Well, I believe in a lot of things. Catholic, yes. Italian-American, 52 years. Strict upbringing, not so much. Now, the artwork, that's 15th Century, original. Cost more than my first house. And as for the wall color, it's just a base coat. Painters will come in and finish tomorrow. Now, if you're all finished, I think JJ and Hotch are ready for us. (to Morgan) Isn't that how a team works?