Hayden Christensen/Jessica Alba ; YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING

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Inspired of characters in a RPG.

Hayden Christensen -- Nathaniel Williams
Jessica Alba -- Sasha Andrews

Story :
Nathaniel and Sasha are in couple. They are happy, different, but in love. They have a secret which it shares: their power. Nathaniel controls the fire and Sasha, can make herself invisible. But it is not without risks. During a battle, opponent Nate and Salem (the bad one), Nathaniel's power be growing and becomes dangerous, creating an explosion. Sasha was seriously damaged and transported directly at the hospital by Nate.

When Sasha wakes up, the doctor verifies if everything is indeed. He tell then to Nathaniel that she's lost a part of her memory and does not remember itself of what took place, nor even of him moreover. Sad, he will have to live the loss of his love, seeing her with other men that him. He had even planned to ask for her in engagement, but that is of use to nothing henceforth.

As for Sasha, she lives a normal life, what she did not have before. She does not know any more the existence of her power and does not even know how she had met itself at the hospital. But images do not stop haunting her. As much in her dreams as in the day. Images of a man, Nathaniel, with her. Images of the event, the fire ... Would memories of its consciousness begin again to make surface?

-- The orange/yellow part are in the past or memories ...

Songs :
Silent Lucidity -- Queensryche
Broken -- Seether ft Amy-Lee
On my own -- The Used
Slipped Away -- Avril Lavigne
Reign on me -- The Who
Breathe Me -- Sia
Everything -- Lifehouse

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