JabbaWockeeZ -- America's Best Dance Crew

By: akmac411


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Thanks to jaapa07 for caring about my videos and comments... That's what made me make another video. :)

This is just a quick tribute/slideshow to the JabbaWockeeZ... It took me literally 45 minutes :)

Please feel free to post any comments, questions, criticisms, or requests you wish!

All Members of the JabbaWockeeZ:
Ben Chung AKA 'B-Tek'
Chris Gatdula AKA 'Cristyles'
Gary Kendell AKA 'Gee-One'
Eddie 'Styles' Gutierrez
Jeff Nguyen AKA 'Phi'
Joe Larot AKA 'Emajoenation' and 'Punkee'
Kevin Brewer AKA 'Keibee'
Phil Tayag AKA 'Swaggerboy'
Randy Bernal AKA 'Wish One'
Rynan Paguio AKA 'Kid Rainen'
Saso 'Saso Fresh' Jimenez

Forever (Instrumental) - Scott Storch
Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan

akmac411 ~broccoli~

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