Sarah Palin: Sexy MILF Republican!!

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Rate, Comment and Subscribe if you like my video! I make this in silent protest from Australia, where it se...
Rate, Comment and Subscribe if you like my video! I make this in silent protest from Australia, where it seems to be that Sarah Palin is gaining more interest in her because of her looks, rather than her policies! READ THIS-America is one of the most powerful nations in the world, if not the most powerful. The US's policies in government directly influence the world. For example, your housing problem at the moment, is driving down our markets. Your reeling on the stockmarket after Katrina, once again causes our stockmarket to fall. Iraq and the invasion has increased oil prices world wide, we have lost soldiers fighting overseas because our spineless politicians(who have since been voted out) went against MASSIVE public anger over the war and still aided the US in Iraq. The reason for this is to make sure our trade survived as for example the US had a huge vendetta against people who didn't support the war eg France. Australia was placed in the position of joining the war or risking a massive trade market which our country depends on. The reason I support Obama is that he seems to understand that policies in the US also effect the world. I like America and want to make sure the country is great, and only by having strong national policies with strong foreign policies will it grow, which will in turn help out countries around the world. Also on a more personal level- McCains advertising seems to lie a lot(Seemingly moreso than Obama's and I will mention I do read both left and right wing papers etc), he has basically stolen the Obama campaign message of 'change; and in the end, if McCain dies, you get a quite spiteful(from the reports coming out), untested, small town mayor as the President of the US. Republicans smashed Obama saying he has limited experience, yet they have now chosen someone who has ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE THAT WOULD ALLOW HER TO RUN ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL NATIONS IN THE WORLD. Someone who believes in things that most of the civilised world doesn't. Whether you agree or not, remember to vote for the person who you believe in... Just vote for them for the right reasons, not just because they were in a prison camp or happen to be part of a minority.