WATCHMEN the Spoof Trailer

By: teknekflozart


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The Comedian falls out the window. Rorschach thinks someone is offing crime-fighters. Rorschach goes to Veidt, Dan then Dr. Manhattan with his theory. They were skeptical but Dan eventually helps Rorschach investigate. Veidt creats a dead alien teleportation scheme that drives people crazy. Rorschach gets blown out of his socks by Dr. Manhattan for threatening to tell. Sad that Rorschach was killed, Dan decides to make love by Veidt's pool while Dr. Manhattan walks on water and through the walls. The End.

Video TidBit: Originally, the Smashing Pumpkins song in the trailer was re-written and performed by myself. In the end, the lyrics were deemed too vulgar and the song was ditched. So I just sang stupidly over the original.

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